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Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 16:50
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The condition and maintenance of Britain’s local roads continue to disappoint many of Britain’s drivers. The RAC’s Report on Motoring has found that 51% of road-users think local road conditions have worsened in the past year.

While it may not be road users biggest concern – mobile phone use takes top spot – 33% of those surveyed still rank it as a top four concern.

The following stats, illustrated by the Report on Motoring Interactive Map, show road-users worries when it comes to potholes and congestion.



•  In 2017 10% of drivers say that the state of local roads is the most important issue, down from 14% 12 months ago.

•  While 51% of motorists think local road conditions have worsened in the past year, the same proportion as in 2016. At present, only 7% say conditions have improved – down from 9% last year

•  The East Anglian region returned the highest percentage (63%) of motorists who stated that potholes had got worse in their area.

•  While 59% of motorists in Greater London said that road conditions (potholes) had stayed the same.


•  61% of drivers say motorway congestion levels have risen in the past 12 months

•  11% of business drivers say this is their number-one concern.

•  Meanwhile, more than a quarter of all drivers (26%) say congestion is a top-four concern.

•  A majority of drivers think that congestion has increased on high speed dual carriageways (57%), urban A roads (58%) and other urban routes (55%)

•  Top three reason why motorists think congestion levels have increased in towns and cities in the last 12 months:

  1. More vehicles on the road (65%)
  2. More roadworks (54%)
  3. More trucks and delivery vehicles blocking roads (36%)


“The decline in overall concern about potholes and the state of local roads could simply be a result of motorists becoming accustomed or resigned to road surfaces being in poor repair. This has certainly been an issue for some time now.” David Bizley, Chief Engineer, RAC

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