Volkswagen snap up CitNOW service

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 13:30
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CitNow has proved popular to the VW dealership

Three quarters of Volkswagen UK’s retail network adopt CitNOW in the space of just eight weeks.

After a successful trial of the CitNOW product last year, Volkswagen Video has now been rolled out across the whole network of 206 sites, with 143 sales departments already using the service and a further 10 having verbally committed. In addition, 96 Volkswagen workshops are currently also utilising the service.

CitNOW is the UK’s largest provider of video support services to the automotive industry. Its intuitive system is simple for sales executives or technicians to use, with the average CitNOW taking less than 60 seconds to make.

The integration of ‘Volkswagen Video powered by CitNOW’ reflects the Volkswagen brand’s ‘clicks, bricks and people’ philosophy and its application of ‘blended retailing’ to connect the digital and physical retail worlds.

In Volkswagen’s most recent customer satisfaction ratings, 96% of customers scored the brand highest for proactive communication, while every customer who received a CitNOW gave the company full marks.

Ian Plummer, Volkswagen UK’s head of sales operations, said: “The responses we have been receiving from the network about the use of video are outstanding. The retail groups who did the trial were effusive about its benefits; they found that customers who received CitNOWs were much more likely to jump on a train to visit the dealership or to put a deposit down to hold a vehicle than those who simply received an email or a letter. It’s personal and a great example of the way we can use technology to bring customers and staff closer together.”

The system integrates and packages all relevant information into a single page, making it similarly quick and easy for customers to navigate and is proven to boost sales and conversions.

CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh, said: “The adoption of CitNOW by the Volkswagen network proves that this isn’t just a service that benefits smaller businesses. The completely scalable nature of our product means that it can add value to every automotive dealer business, from small independents to the UK’s best-known car brands.”

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