ATS Euromaster urges drivers not to ‘cut corners’ with pre-worn tyres

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - 07:15
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ATS Euromaster urges motorists not to compromise on tyre safety, especially heading into the more hazardous winter months. As a leading tyre and vehicle maintenance provider, ATS Euromaster closely follows the latest consumer trends which suggest that an increasing number of drivers, in a perceived attempt to save money, are opting for part-worn tyres for their vehicles, instead of new.

With financial pressures brought about by the current cost of living crisis, the temptation to ‘buy cheap’ is intense for many vehicle owners, who are faced with a raft of spiralling household expenses this winter; exceptionally high energy costs, fuel costs and the highest rate of inflation for 40 years. None of us need reminding that these circumstances are presenting extreme financial pressure on many families.

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As a variety of independent studies indicate, this concern about day-to-day living costs is driving people to change their behaviours. This is impacting in many different ways, including how motorists are maintaining their vehicles. It appears that tyres are one area in which some drivers believe they can compromise on, to save some money. ATS Euromaster, while understanding why this may be tempting to some, stresses that this practice is not only false economy, but also (and more importantly) potentially dangerous to the vehicle owner and other road users.

Safety is one aspect that should never be compromised. Part-worn tyres are not as safe, with diminished tread reducing grip on the road. This is especially dangerous in wet or icy conditions with an increased risk of aquaplaning in wet weather. Tread depth can also affect braking performance and handling of a vehicle. Damage is hard to detect in part-worn tyres and they will not be as puncture resistant as new tyres.

The legal tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre for cars. The tread must meet this minimum depth across its entire circumference. Those caught with illegal or ‘bald’ tyres, could face a fine of £2500 per tyre, so potentially £10,000 if all four are not up to the legal standard. Penalty points are also applicable, with three points per illegal tyre on a driver’s licence, which could lead to disqualification. This can make insurance claims invalid. So, there is a lot at stake, with loss of life or injury being the most devastating.

Even a relatively small loss of tread has been proven to affect stopping distances. RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, recommends changing the tyre once the tread level wears down to 3mm. This is 1.4mm above the legal minimum but is based on various studies conducted into tread depth and the impact it can have on road safety. ATS Euromaster technicians recommend that drivers check their tyres once every couple of weeks or at least once a month.

With more than 250 centres across the UK, ATS Euromaster stocks a comprehensive range of trusted brand tyres with options that span from ‘budget’ to ‘premium’, including run-flats and winter tyres, supported by professional tyre-fitting and maintenance services. ATS Euromaster technicians can also offer advice to any driver who needs help with tyre checks, and provide assistance to those who need it when selecting new tyres. Tyres can be purchased online, and appointments simultaneously booked at local fitting centres. ATS Euromaster tyre services extend to wheel balancing, nitrogen inflation and puncture repair, as well as a range of wheel balancing solutions.

ATS Euromaster is currently the only tyre and vehicle maintenance company with the coveted RoSPA gold award for safety; an accreditation that has been awarded for eight consecutive years.

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