Tyresafe Invites Motorists To Share Their Stories

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 16:00
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TyreSafe #ItHappenedToMe campaign

TyreSafe is asking those who have suffered as a result of a tyre-related incident and are willing to share their story to participate in its #ItHappenedToMe campaign.

Regrettably, tyre-related incidents account for over a thousand casualties on Britain’s roads annually*. Regular checks by vehicle drivers will help reduce this and the hundreds of thousands of breakdowns caused by tyre-related issues. By sharing their stories, those who have suffered a tyre-related incident will encourage other road users to carry out this essential routine vehicle maintenance.

Those willing to participate can share their stories with TyreSafe across its social media channels (@TyreSafe on Twitter and TyreSafeUK on Facebook), where they are encouraged to use the #ItHappenedToMe hashtag. Motorists are asked to share all tyre-related stories, such as the inconvenience of discovering a puncture before setting off to an important event, discovering they don’t have a usable spare wheel after a puncture or a more serious incident.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “The personal stories of those involved in tyre-related incidents were a powerful motivation for those who came together to form TyreSafe ten years ago and for all who have worked with the charity since. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the fact that behind casualty and breakdown statistics there are often traumatic experiences affecting not only the lives of drivers but also everyone involved including other road users, families, friends and the attending emergency service officers. We must remember, one person suffering as a result of an avoidable incident is one too many.

“If you think sharing the story behind your tyre-related incident might stop it happening to someone else, TyreSafe’s team urges you to contact us.”

In some instances, TyreSafe will ask to conduct a short telephone interview to compile a case study, which would be hosted in the campaign’s dedicated area at tyresafe.org

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