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SMMT Transport News Brief

By Kyle Lindsay
Monday, April 3, 2017 - 15:45

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Regular readers of Transport News Brief will know we often discuss van safety: with almost 4.2m of them on UK roads, it is an important issue. As well as the moral case for improving road safety, many in the industry have expressed concern about reputational issues around the whole “white van man” image and perception among the wider public and media.

This issue is not one SMMT can tackle alone. In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned how policy makers and vehicle manufacturers are working together to improve vehicle safety – however we must also consider the end users. Since its creation, SMMT has been supportive of the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence programme. Last week I attended one of their 2017 Operational Briefings, which brings van users together to explore best practice, particularly around safety.

The stand out of the day was a dramatised serious road traffic incident, enacted with mock police interviews and the sentencing of the defendants. It was an excellent reminder of how crucial good safety standards are to our everyday lives.

On the day of TNB’s release this week, I am attending the SMMT Connected 2017 conference. With Loek van Seeters, Director at DAF Trucks, featuring on the agenda, I look forward to hearing his take on the commercial vehicle sector’s part in connected and autonomous vehicle technology. I will report back on the discussion in next week’s TNB.

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