Flooring Distribution Lays Tech For Fleet Success

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 12:30
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Distribution Lays Tech For Fleet Success

Alliance Flooring Distribution Ltd, one of the UK’s leading dedicated floor covering distributors, has added Microlise Proof of Delivery (POD) and Journey Management to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, while reducing paperwork and time to invoice.

Supplying all types of floor coverings including carpet, vinyl, laminate, LVT, wood, underlay and accessories, Alliance Flooring will gain full visibility of its regular delivery and collection service by monitoring planned versus actual route and schedule execution.

Microlise POD will also help to remove unnecessary paperwork and administration by creating and storing all important delivery documents safely and securely online.

The fleet of more than 50 vehicles is being fitted with ruggedised Zebra TC56 mobile devices, which will enable the team to manage every step of the delivery process digitally, including capturing sign-on-glass proof of delivery. Drivers will also carry out electronic vehicle walk round checks at the beginning of each shift using the devices.

The Microlise solution will integrate with Alliance Flooring’s transport management system, delivering in-cab navigation and helping to reduce mileage run.

“We recognise that we must use the very latest technology in order to stay ahead of competition and deliver the best service to customers. These tools will enable us to monitor and meet target delivery times, increase fleet efficiency and reduce costs,” said Paul Layton, Logistics Manager.

Using the Microlise solution, at the beginning of each shift, Alliance Flooring drivers will receive an itinerary and delivery manifest which will be used as the plan for the day. The transport team will gain access to a full suite of reports to help Alliance Flooring to understand delivery accuracy and schedule execution performance.

“It’s great to be working with a company which embraces technology as a way of differentiating itself and staying ahead of competition,” said Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise. “The benefits are clear, with streamlined back-office processes, increased delivery efficiency and the removal of paper-based processes all to be realised immediately. Later analysis will help to make further improvements possible as more data becomes available.”

Microlise, which is one of Europe’s largest telematics companies, has more than 250,000 active vehicle connections and works with 13 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers delivering telematics, technology and transport management solutions.

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