Brake helping SMEs avoid at-work crashes

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 17:06
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Avoid these

Brake are launching a series of free activities to help SMEs avoid costly and potentially devastating at-work road crashes.

The events and guidance are being delivered through Brake Professional, with the support of the Department for Transport, and will raise awareness of the main risks associated with driving for work, employers responsibilities in managing these risks and how to manage them effectively while on a budget. Professionals will also be given a toolkit of resources and practical examples of tried and tested ways to achieve best practice.

At-work road crashes are estimated to cost UK employers £2.7 billion a year and for any businesses with staff who drive for work, managing road risk is an essential step in bringing down costs and avoiding an incident that could be catastrophic for all involved. It goes without say that preventing crashes, bumps and scrapes can deliver multiple business benefits like lowering insurance premiums, improving reputation and staff morale, and reducing lost time.

Ellie Pearson, senior professional engagement officer at Brake, said: “We know SMEs face particular challenges in addressing this issue, which is why these events will feature experienced business managers and experts giving practical, simple, tried-and-tested steps SMEs can take.”

The events hosted by Brake will look at practical, low-cost steps small businesses can take to save money, and protect their employees and the wider community from the devastation a crash can cause. They will draw on Brake’s long-running experience of providing guidance and sharing best practice case studies among employers running all types of fleet.

These free events are being hosted on the following dates:

  • 9th December: Helping SMEs effectively recruit, train, and monitor drivers
    Free one-hour webinar on low-cost ways companies can ensure they have effective policies and processes in place.
  • 29th January: Helping SMEs to buy, lease, and maintain safe vehicles
    Free one-hourwebinar on ensuring the safety of your vehicles.
  • 12th February: Helping SMEs to plan and manage safe journeys
    Free one-hour webinar on the money saving and safety benefits of efficient journey planning and management.
  • 19th March: Fleet safety for small businesses – practical approach
    Freeday-long seminaron how Brake’s Pledge can help improve any company’s fleet safety.

Further information can be found by visiting Brake’s dedicated Fleet safety: engaging small businesses with big issues page

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