10 unusual uses for TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 09:30
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Happy birthday!

TomTom Telematics celebrates the 15th anniversary of WEBFLEET this month

Launched in 1999, TomTom’s award-winning fleet management platform has grown to become the most widely-adopted telematics SaaS platform in Europe, providing businesses and the wider public with actionable insights into fleet operations.

Over the last 15 years, WEBFLEET has been used to improve mobile operations in every sector imaginable – including transport and logistics, utilities, construction, meal delivery, breakdown assistance and car-sharing schemes – tracking the movement of everything from space shuttles and portable toilets to sports officials and exotic animals.

To celebrate its 15th birthday, we’ve sought out some of the surprising and unsual ways WEBFLEET in put to use in a variety of locations around the globe:

  • WEBFLEET powers talking tour cars operating in Barcelona – tourists take their own personal tour of a city enjoying key sights at their own pace while the ‘talking’ car acts as their guide.
  • In Italy, WEBFLEET is used by an electric car hire company to highlight which vehicle with the most battery power is nearest to a customer.
  • A leading online takeaway service uses the PRO 9100 to track bike couriers making home deliveries in Denmark, with the model strapped to the bikers arm in a weather proof pouch
  • A medical charity supported by six Boston hospitals in America tracks its helicopters transporting emergency patients using WEBFLEET.
  • LINK devices track electric-powered ‘sloepen’ boats through the canals of Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht.
  • Exotic animals such as elephants and giraffes are tracked as they are transported across Europe in special vehicles.
  • In North Texas, a company tracks their distribution of portable toilets using WEBFLEET.
  • WEBFLEET was used to monitor 70 vehicles transporting football officials throughout the 2007 European Under-21 Championship.
  • Vehicles in more than 60 countries around the world are connected to WEBFLEET. Stretching from the Azores in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, to Magnitogorsk, south of the Ural mountains.
  • In New York, a dog waste removal service uses WEBFLEET to track vehicles as they clean up the streets of Long Island.

“The innovative approach to fleet management established 15 years ago remains as strong today and WEBFLEET continues to evolve, providing customers with ever smarter ways to achieve their business goals.” said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTom Telematics.

WEBFLEET’s market-leading position was recently recognised by ABI Research, which named TomTom Telematics among the top three companies in the world for commercial vehicle telematics.

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