68% of drivers comfortable with vehicle tracking technology

Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 09:30
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Untapped opportunity for providers, with almost three quarters of drivers yet to install telematics systems on vehicles used for work

The ‘Big Brother’ image of telematics is over according to research from Masternaut, who found that 68% of drivers are comfortable with telematics being installed in their vehicles.

This shift in consumer attitudes follows the increasing use of telematics for corporate and personal use, with privacy issues and monitoring no longer presenting a barrier to entry for installation.

Despite being comfortable with telematics, 72% of respondents said that neither their work nor personal vehicles were fitted with a telematics device. Just 17% of respondents said their work vehicles were tracked, while only 11% said the personal vehicles they use for work are tracked.

The remaining 32% of business drivers surveyed said they would not be comfortable with the idea of having telematics installed in their vehicles, with top reasons including concerns around privacy (51%), not understanding how the data is used (14%) and not understanding the benefits of such a system (18%).

Martin Hiscox, CEO and chairman of Masternaut, commented: “In the past, UK drivers have shown a measured response to vehicle tracking technologies, which is now largely over both from a consumer and business perspective. But we mustn’t be apathetic – the concept of telematics being purely a vehicle tracking technology is outdated and we need to continue talking more about the safety and efficiency benefits instead.”

In response to these privacy concerns, Masternaut have addressed this with their Connect platform which holds data in a secure, anonymised format. They have also worked closely with unions and workers councils across Europe to create a system that addresses driver and business requirements.


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