Shell helps accelerate fleet efficiency with Shell Telematics offering

Monday, August 10, 2020 - 10:54
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Today (10th August 2020) Shell launched Shell Telematics, an integrated fleet management solution and its first move into the UK fleet telematics space. The new offering, available for all fleet types, leverages both historical Shell Card information and real time vehicle data to provide customised reports such as idling, fuel efficiency and journey optimisation. These data-led insights help fleet managers to improve operational efficiencies and to get the best out of their fleets, which is more important than ever as fleets adjust to a new way of operating during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shell TelematicsThe new, paperless system gives fleet managers access to driving and vehicle data via an online portal, as well as through a mobile app. Offering more than 40 different on-demand reports, users can also create bespoke alerts to keep pace with many different variables in a rapidly changing market. Designed to provide ongoing support to its customers, Shell Telematics also offers users flexible plans and pricing options, based on the size and requirements of their fleet.

Key areas where Shell Telematics can help fleet operations improve are:

  • Efficiency – features including fuel economy monitoring, route optimisation, and driver analytics, enabling fleet managers to identify trends that have a significant impact on overall efficiency. When implemented correctly, fleets could expect to see up to a 20% improvement in fuel economy and up to a 15% reduction in exhaust CO2 emissions.
  • Productivity – through providing regular maintenance reminders such as engine fault alerts, the new system enables fleet managers to consider predictive maintenance, thus avoiding potential downtime from unexpected breakdowns. It also reduces administration time through integrated fuel efficiency reports and fraud detection, so helping fleet managers generate both cost and time savings. Shell Telematics can also help drivers with route optimisation, which could allow them to experience up to a 20% reduction in driving hours.*
  • Safety – fleet managers are able to monitor driver performance and behaviours, such as acceleration, excessive idling and harsh braking. This can help improve safety – telematics could deliver up to a 20% overall reduction in safety incidents.*
  • Security – by monitoring transactions and alerting managers to unusual card activity and vehicle usage via detailed reports, the telematics system can also help fleet managers monitor the security of their fleets.

As part of its efforts to support fleets in challenging business environments, Shell Fleet Solutions is offering businesses up to 20 Shell Telematics devices free of charge, including installation, until 30th October 2020.* Customers will only be required to pay the monthly subscription fee, and will receive a consultation service to help them select the right package for their business.

“In our Dynamic Data report we explored the true value of a data driven approach to fleet management. We’re now delighted to announce the launch of Shell Telematics, our first data-led fleet management tool.”, said Sarah Llewelyn, UK Sales Manager, Shell Fleet Solutions. “In light of the impact of COVID-19, generating efficiencies wherever possible has never been more important. Many fleets have faced an unprecedented demand for goods in combination with logistics support now coming from a home rather than office environment. And for others, business continuation has been incredibly challenging. We are committed to providing solutions to our customers to help them navigate through the recovery phase and into the new normal”, she continued.

Customers can install Shell Telematics by simply plugging the device into their vehicles’ OBD port and downloading the desktop app. Current Shell Card customers can find historic fuel efficiency reports, idling costs and business reports automatically integrated into the new online portal and desktop app, as well as their new real time vehicle data.

Shell Telematics customers can also access a number of additional insights through the system including EV readiness, collision reconstruction, AdBlue reporting, CO2 reporting and translation of engine error codes. To find out more about Shell Telematics please visit:

* Subject to availability, whilst stocks last

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