Sheard Packaging sees 20% fuel saving with Renault Trucks’ Optifleet

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 08:22
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Renault Trucks has announced that Sheard Packaging, manufacturers of corrugated cases and the largest independent sheet plant in the UK, has seen a 20% improvement in fleet fuel efficiency following the introduction of the latest Renault Range T460 tractor units and its Optifleet telematics tool.

Renault Trucks has announced that Sheard Packaging has seen a 20% improvement in the fleet fuel efficiency following the introduction of the latest Renault Range T460 tractor units and its Optifleet telematics tool

Sheard Packaging, one of the few remaining independently owned box plants in the UK, with accreditations including FSC, ISO 9001/14001 Quality & Environmental and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, operates its own transport fleet of twelve Range T460s delivering packaging nationwide, predominantly to the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market.

According to John Leonard, Transport Manager at Sheard Packaging, it is the Range T combined with the Optifleet management tool that has offered huge improvements for the Transport division of the business. He says: “Optifleet is a superb business budgeting tool, it not only helps us to save money, it also helps us to save time and it is these types of efficiencies that keeps our business competitive. It has given me the ability to recognise ways to make huge cost savings and I can also cost individual runs very accurately, budgeting down to the nearest pound.”

John continues: “The combination of Optifleet and the new Range Ts, which are equipped with the latest technology and Kuda variable air deflectors and trailers, has seen our fleet’s fuel efficiency increase by a mighty 2-3mpg compared to the first 2014 Range Ts.”

Optifleet allows Sheard to track its vehicles in real time, measuring mpgs and mileage, which plays a key role in forward planning, as John notes: “It’s brilliant, it enables us to forecast and budget our fuel costs more accurately.”

Through Optifleet Check, which comes with a suite of reporting tools, Sheard can track the fleet and driver data remotely. ”It allows us to analyse fuel efficiency as well as driver behaviour, identifying areas where there is room for improvement that will deliver potential savings. This, together with Renault Trucks’ training, shows our drivers the best way to drive to reduce fuel consumption and ensure maximum longevity of components.”

John concludes: “We’ve found Optifleet to be an outstanding tool for our business that helps us with our day-to-day operations as well as reducing operating costs. We are pleased that working with Renault Trucks has been such a productive relationship and look forward to cementing this further in the future.”

Renault Trucks Transport Solutions Manager, Tony Owen says: “Sheard Packaging has been a customer for over ten years and had previously run Premiums. They are an avid user of Optifleet and have derived some really useful benefits including fuel savings and particularly business budgeting which is instrumental in running an efficient fleet. We are delighted to have worked with them on this and to see them reap the rewards.”

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