PSV rolls out Camera Telematics’ ‘Street Angel’ across their fleet of 150 taxis

Shane Hamm , National Account Manager , Camera Telematics and Stuart Kessie, MD, PSV

Camera Telematics, the leaders in vehicle camera technology enabling fleet operators to achieve the highest standards of risk management strategies, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with PSV, the leading providers of vehicle rental, maintenance and meter fitting for taxi operators.

Camera Telematics’ Street Angel solution – the most advanced onboard vehicle camera solution available, is currently being fitted throughout PSV’s fleet of 150 cars and minibuses. The scalable technology ensures that there is a camera in the cab monitoring passenger/driver safety as well as a separate camera that is forward facing and monitors on-the-road driver behaviour.

TaxiFair, the specialist insurance provider dedicated to the taxi sector, recommended Camera Telematics’ Street Angel solution, and although PSV use numerous insurance providers across their fleer, they decided on the strength of the performance of ‘Street Angel’ to install the technology throughout all of their vehicles.

Street Angel is adaptable and can be used across many types of fleets, whether it be taxis, haulage or company vehicles. Street Angel works by using 4G connectivity to continually record video evidence of a journey and the vehicle’s surroundings on to the internal memory. It uses sophisticated accelerometers to measure g-force in all directions to detect any impact or harsh event, including braking, corning and harsh acceleration. When the g-force parameter is breached the device instantly uploads a video clip of the event) to the cloud  (usually seven seconds leading up to the breach and 3 seconds after that) while generating an instant email alert to the fleet manager notifying them of the event. The email includes the date, time and vehicle registration, the location and type of event, such as harsh braking or cornering. The email also contains a link that the user can click on and watch the video straight away. This data is accurate and admissible evidence, should it be required to defend or mitigate an insurance claim.

Commenting on the partnership with PSV, Mark Stamper, Group MD of Camera Telematics said: “We are proud to partner with PSV and provide them with Street Angel technology to ensure not just the safety of their drivers and fair-paying passengers, but also ensuring that PSV has complete protection against fraudulent insurance claims and reliable accident management support.”

Commenting on the decision to implement Camera Telematics’ Street Angel, Stuart Kessie, Managing Director, PSV said: “Street Angel was first introduced to us by the insurance provider TaxiFair. We were so impressed with the performance of the technology that we decided that although we use numerous insurance providers that we would exclusively use Street Angel on all of our vehicles.”

“Partnering with Camera Telematics has ensured that with the implementation of Street Angel, we are confident that we have the most advanced onboard vehicle camera solution available fitted throughout our fleet of vehicles. Street Angel ensures that not only are our drivers safe and accountable but that as a business we are best protected from any potential incidents of insurance fraud,” concludes Stuart Kessie.

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