Lightfoot and Bott expand fleet partnership

Lightfoot, the maker of the world’s first technology to reward better driving, today announces the expansion of its relationship with vehicle conversion specialist, Bott. The businesses have been working together for several years, but have now taken the decision to extend their partnership, identifying suitable opportunities to work together, promoting growth for both businesses and expanding into new sectors.

The move will ensure that Bott clients receive the opportunity to review and trial Lightfoot during the conversion design and prototyping process and then have the new technology expertly installed by Bott as a seamless part of the build programme.

Furthermore, Bott will be installing Lightfoot’s in-vehicle driver rewards technology in its own vehicles. Having seen the impact of Lightfoot in their clients’ fleets, the Bott team understands how rewarding drivers for good performance can benefit a business, such as through fuel savings and reduced insurance premiums, as well as increased employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

This is because Lightfoot helps drivers achieve maximum efficiency from their vehicles, improving performance and safety by adopting a smoother driving style. Another benefit of the system, and the changes in driving behaviour it encourages, is the resultant impact on vehicle emissions. With the University of Bath verifying that Lightfoot reduces CO2, NOx, and particulate emissions by as much as 20%, Bott can be confident that it is reducing its carbon footprint and operating as sustainably as possible.

Another exciting development to come out of the partnership is the Bott Lightfoot League, in which they will be sponsoring weekly prizes for drivers. In doing this, Bott hopes to provide further incentives and support for its clients to help them maintain safer, more environmentally responsible fleets.

Announcing the partnership, Martin Kadhim, Partnerships Director at Lightfoot, said: “With this partnership, we have made decision-making easier than ever for commercial fleet operators. As they are designing their vehicles to optimum standards, they can also choose to learn how Lightfoot can help their drivers reach the highest standards of driving performance. Then following on from this, all their vehicles can be fitted with Lightfoot whilst in one location by the highly skilled team at Bott.”

“This is a great way for both businesses to further develop an excellent working relationship that we have cultivated for many years, formalising and extending it into exciting new territory. Bott makes better vehicles. Lightfoot makes better drivers. How could we not join forces?”

Stephen Turner, Sales Director at Bott, added: “Having worked with Lightfoot for several years now, including as part of the Procurement for Housing framework, this feels like a significant moment in our relationship. Working more closely with Lightfoot in this way makes sense for us and our customers too, further enhancing the services we deliver.”

“We are excited by the potential this partnership offers, including in the longer term, joining forces with Lightfoot to explore potential European expansion opportunities.”

About Lightfoot

Lightfoot is an award-winning, government-supported technology that is helping to make our roads safer, our environment cleaner and our motoring less expensive.

Lightfoot rewards their better drivers and the platform helps them monetise their good driving.

It has two core components:

  • A small device that communicates directly with the vehicle’s engine and provides the driver with visual and verbal feedback to enable them to stay within the engine’s ‘sweet spot’ (optimum efficiency).
  • An exciting rewards platform that enables drivers to benefit personally from better driving (whether at work or at home) through competitions, prizes, discounts and other incentives.

 Described by many as the ‘Fitbit for cars’, Lightfoot has pioneered a new standard and way of measuring efficient driving. It has been developed in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Motorists and leading driver-behaviour experts at Bath University. It uses advanced, real-time engine analytics to provide live, in-cab coaching to help drivers improve both efficiency and safety – and then get rewarded for it.

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