Arriva implements telematics to make patient journeys smoother

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 11:31
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A smoother, safer journey for patients is a priority for ATSL

In-vehicle unit prompts drivers when harsh driving events occur and software provides powerful reporting capabilities for operational managers

Arriva Transport Solutions (ATSL), a leading provider of specialist health and social transport services in the UK, has implemented a telematics solution from Masternaut into its fleet of ambulances leading to a 92% reduction in driving events such as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering in a six month period. The result has led to a smoother, safer journey for patients which is a priority for ATSL.

ATSL transports over 4000 vulnerable and often elderly patients to and from their medical appointments daily, so patient comfort and experience are priorities for the non-emergency patient transport service provider.

ATSL has upgraded its capabilities to monitor driver behaviour using Masternaut’s ecoDrive module across its fleet of 480 ambulances in the UK – monitoring driver behaviour for all drivers across Greater Manchester, the East Midlands, West Midlands and South West of the UK, as well as London.

Steve Law, Head of Fleet and Estates, Arriva Transport Solutions commented, “As a provider of patient transport services in the UK, Arriva Transport Solutions needs to make sure that the experience we offer our poorly and often elderly patients is a high quality one. Our drivers are highly skilled and undergo extensive training for their role but they are now more aware than ever of their driving behaviour and how this can positively, or negatively impact patient experience.”

The use of an in-cab light bar has been alerting drivers to events that indicate poor driving, giving them immediate feedback to improve vehicle handling and safety. Should this not result in an improvement in driving standards, ATSL can consider whether drivers need additional training.

Arriva Transport Solutions managers have also been able to educate drivers on the negative impact of idling on the fleet estate, which has since dropped by 70%. Combined with reducing harsh driving events, this has led to a reduction in fuel costs for the business.

Martin Hiscox, CEO of Masternaut, adds, “Telematics can be used for so much more than simple vehicle tracking. As we’ve seen with ATSL, it can be used to create a smoother experience for patients when using its services to and from hospital appointments. Through driver feedback, both immediate and through driver training, ATSL has seen a significant reduction in harsh events, which will only help to further improve patient wellbeing already experienced on the service.”

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