Intelligent Telematics introduce remote maintenance support

Friday, October 3, 2014 - 11:30
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Intelligent Telematics

Protects against risk of lost footage

Intelligent Telematics, one of the leading provider of 3G vehicle camera solutions, has upgraded its maintenance monitoring and reporting capabilities to protect against the risk of lost video footage and minimise vehicle downtime.

The new maintenance support will be available to all customers and offers remote diagnostics to ensure cameras are operating correctly and enable SD cards to be reformatted over the air to achieve maximum uptime and provide added peace of mind to fleet operators.

Companies will be able to quickly and effectively monitor the status of their vehicle cameras via the Intelligent Telematics online portal, with a range of reports and alerts for any offline devices or SD card errors. Meanwhile, each device will now perform a six-hour health check, switching itself on even when the vehicle is immobile, and reporting its condition and status to the server.

Nick Plowman, CTO of Intelligent Telematics commented: “Camera issues not only cause unnecessary disruption, but also create the risk of losing critical video footage in the event of a road incident. Our cameras are already the safest and most reliable on the marketplace, by transmitting footage immediately to the online server as well as recording to the internal SD card or flash memory. However, this latest maintenance package provides complete visibility and control of devices, so any issue can be resolved quickly and easily.”

Andrew Overton, Managing Director of VeriLocation said: “We have taken the decision to adopt Intelligent Telematics’ 3G vehicle camera because of the added protection it provides when compared to SD card-only devices. With other systems in the marketplace we have seen regular SD card failure rates without any means to remotely monitor status or reformat, which has resulted in significant disruption and inconvenience when accident events are pulled. Customers are advised to maintain SD cards regularly, but in reality this rarely happens, so remote and automated maintenance is the only solution.”

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