Uber and AA’s DriveTech launch road safety collaboration

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 08:25
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Road SafetyRoad safety is a global problem with 1.3 million people killed annually. In the UK over 1,700 die with thousands more seriously injured annually.  Uber is determined to play its part in reducing these numbers and it is committed to making transport safer than ever before.

Driver education is a key component of road safety, with experience and continuous education helping to raise standards and reduce risks.  This is why Uber are collaborating with the AA through their driver training operation, DriveTech, to produce training videos to help refresh drivers knowledge and upskill in some of the key areas that drivers may face challenges such as during drop off and pick up, and how to do make sure they drive safely.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “We’re proud to have partnered with DriveTech and the AA on a road safety campaign across the UK. With millions of journeys every week, the safety of both passengers and drivers has never been more important and these new videos will ensure that drivers are fully prepared. Together with recognised industry leaders, like the AA, we can use our platform to increase road safety awareness amongst the thousands of licensed private hire drivers who use the Uber app.”

Edmund King OBE, AA President said: “I’m delighted that DriveTech has been able to provide Uber, with this introductory training video for partner drivers.  It is pleasing to see a business focused on passenger transport raising the profile of road safety and looking to strive towards better driving standards on the roads.

“As the UK’s leading motoring organisation and an award-winning road safety campaigner through the AA Charitable Trust we are all delighted when companies such as Uber take road safety and driver behaviour seriously to ensure standards are raised and that they continue to be maintained.”

Charlie Norman, Director at DriveTech, added: “We pride ourselves on the driver training products and services we provide to both UK businesses driving communities, and internationally too. We are delighted that we can provide this support to Uber and believe it will really help drive good standards.”

The videos which have been produced are designed to support partner drivers with skills that are critical to their work such as reading the road ahead, road signs and markings, speed limits, space management, dealing with junctions and traffic lights, picking up and dropping off riders safely, and how to drive more economically.

The educational videos are available here, and will be utilised in all Uber’s ‘onboarding’ for new partner drivers as well as being communicated to all existing drivers via the app.

The collaboration forms part of long term a wider agreement between Uber and the AA such as offering roadside assistance and MOTs to drivers as part of the Uber Pro programme.

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