Mileage analysis reveals major differential for fleets

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 09:01
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Journey recording proves to save big

Analysing 500,000+ miles for major savings

The Fuel Card Group has recently concluded its largest survey of the customer journey, analysing journey data collected by MileageCount GPS dongles. The survey, which was conducted nationwide over a 12 month period, looked at MileageCount GPS dongles used by 231 drivers in 252 different vehicles, in fleets managed by 66 companies.

The analysis compared drivers mileage claims, finding a clear difference between drivers whose journeys were recorded with the GPS dongles and those who kept journey details manually. Claims for recorded journeys were noticeably lower amounting to a 4.8% lower mileage claim. While not drawing any conclusions about drivers, the evidence is clear that drivers make smaller claims when they know that every journey is satellite-tracked.

Steve Clarke, marketing manager for The Fuel Card Group, said: “We believe this to be the largest such analysis ever undertaken. We collected and analysed all the details of 29,428 separate journeys, covering over 560,000 miles of road travel. The most significant finding may be that the act of recording journeys, in itself, delivers cost savings.”

An equally worrying find concerned journey length. Although the average journey was just 19.03 miles, one driver clocked up a single journey of 472.2 miles which amounts to being at the wheel for just over 8 hours, 40 minutes in which he never stopped driving for more than five minutes during the entire trip. If the driver had been involved in an accident, the duty-of-care implications for his employer could have been astronomical.

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