Healthcare distributor cuts fuel costs by £35k with telematics

Friday, November 21, 2014 - 09:05
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Healthcare distributor slashes fuel costs by £35,000

A specialist healthcare distributor has cut fuel expenditure by £35,000 a year by monitoring driver behaviour across its fleet of 16 vehicles.

West Midlands-based PAM Distribution has seen average fleet mpg increase by 14% having introduced TomTom Telematics’ fleet management platform. The investment was supported by Fleetview Solutions.

“WEBFLEET’s driver behaviour monitoring tools, which offer live performance feedback to both our drivers and management, have led to a more fuel efficient driving style with a clear reduction in incidents of speeding,” said PAM Distribution Managing Director Paul Matthews.

The company, which delivers a range of products including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and frozen plasma, has also boosted its operational efficiencies and customer service thanks to better fleet visibility, dynamic routing and job dispatch.

“Our customers often called upon us to make spur-of-moment collections during the day and we can now notify and route the most appropriate driver immediately, via his navigation device. We previously had to call drivers, leave them messages and wait for them to call us back, at which point they may have driven out of their way or missed the junction for their next pick-up.”

Giles Margerison, Director, TomTom Telematics, added: “PAM Distribution has demonstrated how fleet management technology can act as a powerful tool to bring managers and drivers closer to together for improved efficiencies and cost savings.”

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