Fleet maintenance made easy with ServicePoint from Allstar

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 11:28
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Fleet maintenance is essential for companies of every size to ensure that their vehicles are safe, compliant and operating at maximum efficiency.

But managing servicing, maintenance and repairs (SMR) is not always easy, especially for the UK’s 5.7 million SMEs, where there are many other demands on the business that need attention.

Our research has revealed the depth of this problem:

  • More than 98% of managers in charge of up to 50 vehicles are responsible for a range of tasks alongside managing the fleet including finance, sales and marketing, HR and more.
  • SME fleet managers spend an average of 32 hours a month looking after company cars and vans – a huge demand on their time.
  • 82% of SMEs receive no discount on their SMR work.
  • 65% of SME fleet managers manually approve all SMR jobs by phone or e-mail – a time consuming and inefficient way of working.

In the words of one of the managers we interviewed during our research about running company cars and vans, “The admin is a nightmare.”

ServicePoint is designed to liberate fleets of all sizes from that nightmare. Free of charge, available with or without a fuel card, and easy to adopt, it offers:

Absolute control

Using ServicePoint, you have total control over what you spend and where you spend it. Our online platform provides the ability to manage all work, approving or declining work identified by garages, with all costs based upon pre-agreed rates.

All your paperwork reduced to a single invoice

There is no need for drivers to do anything. We will provide you with a single, consolidated, HMRC compliant monthly invoice reflecting only what you authorised with the garage. We also provide useful reports that let you analyse vehicle maintenance.

The right garages at the right price

Exclusive rates that we have negotiated mean average savings of 30% at thousands of franchised and independent garages nationwide – probably including those you are already using – through our online platform.

The expertise you need

Using ServicePoint gives you access to our expert Support team who will be able to advise you on whether work recommended by a garage really needs to be carried out – and whether the price they are quoting is reasonable.

Price validation technology

A key part of ServicePoint is our integrated rules engine using automotive industry data to validate labour and part prices quoted and highlighting any inconsistences. Have you been charged for eight litres of oil on a car that only holds five litres? ServicePoint will highlight this issue.

Fast and easy online booking

Direct online booking through our simple-to-use platform will also let you compare rates and set up essential alerts for MOTs, servicing, road tax and insurance. If you don’t have time to book, you can make a call to us and we will make the booking for you.

A name you can trust

ServicePoint is provided by Allstar Business Solutions, which delivers the UK’s most popular fuel card to over 35,000 businesses and 1.1 million drivers. To date, more than 3,000 customers have taken advantage of ServicePoint, processing more than 35,000 transactions, totalling a value of over £10 million.

To find out more call 0808 274 2952, email [email protected] or visit https://www.allstarcard.co.uk/servicepoint

This article is an advertorial by Allstar Business Solutions. Find out more about our advertorials here.

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