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What are Advertorials?

  • Create your own branded article, telling up to 100,000 fleet decision-makers why your company should be first-choice.
  • Feature as a homepage Top Story for one week
  • Feature as a top-three story and Readers’ Choice in our newsletter, sent to 90,000 fleet decision-makers
  • Feature as Pick of the Week and Pick of the Month
  • Enjoy rigorous promotion via social networks
  • Receive the records of all decision-makers who have read your article via our newsletter

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What You Get

  • Choose your own headline and strapline
  • Choose your own non-logo article image (300px x 300px) and caption
  • Boast your company logo and contact details
  • Display your own branded advertisement banner (618px (w) x 150px (h))
  • Enter as many article text links and videos as you wish!
  • Choose exactly when your article is published