Coronavirus makes an impact

Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 08:31
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Coronavirus is starting to make itself felt with the news that Jaguar Land Rover is facing a temporary closure, and JCB instigating a shorter working week and cancelling overtime.


Graham Parker, CEO of Gravity Supply Chain

Jaguar Land Rover is an integral part in the UK automotive industry, and with such high risk of closure due to mass disruption caused by the virus, inevitably this is going to begin a catastrophic domino effect on other integral cogs within the chain. If there was ever a time for businesses to digitise and have access to real-time information around risk and product placement, this is undoubtedly it. This warning applies to all businesses around the world, not just in automation, if their supply chain experiences further damage there could be risk to overall production.

Graham Parker, CEO of Gravity Supply Chain discusses the continued effect COVID-19 is having on businesses across the world:

“The absolute speed and scale of this unpredictable Coronavirus’ impact already have considerable ramifications to the supply chain industry globally. Lockdowns enforced by the Chinese Government in an attempt to halt the spread of the virus mean factories closed, and restricted movement is creating labour issues. Essential land, air, and maritime transportation routes have been severely restricted and are likely to create significant supply chain disruption on a global scale.

“Vessels are opting to omit port calls; flights are getting grounded; rail cancellations and severely restricted cross-border connections in and out of China are having a knock-on effect on Hong Kong, neighbouring countries, and the global economy.

“If ever there was a defining case for businesses to digitise and have access to real time information around risk and product displacement, this is undoubtedly it. While this is an exceptionally rare event, those businesses with real time visibility will know without any doubt and with absolute certainty, where their merchandise is.

“A digital supply chain management platform can keep you up-to-date with exactly when vessels will start calling again. These valuable insights will enable shipments to get booked accordingly. With the likelihood of demand over capacity restraints getting enforced, container tracking can also keep you updated in real time, ensuring you know if your container has been loaded or rolled in real time.

“There is little doubt that this outbreak will serve as a timely reminder to businesses globally; that supply chain risk management is an essential component for today’s logisticians.”

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