Fleet Management Programmes – Encouraging a stress-free lease

When implementing a vehicle management programme, it is important to produce a clear assessment and plan, detailing the business’ fleet objectives. These systems can be fairly broad in terms of their content and the range of applications they offer. As such, it is crucial that a business understands what specific aspects they will need and what may be an unnecessary expense, depending on the size and scale of the organisation. It is also worth reaching out to other users of fleet management programmes to consider their experiences and gauge which elements they have found most worthwhile before making a firm decision. Focused customer surveys and feedback will help to shape the overall proposition for the fleet.

It is advisable to focus on particular services first, based on meeting targeted needs rather than offering the world to the employees from the beginning. For instance, clear financial impacts and processes, along with mobile app utilities, are likely to be at the forefront of most employees’ preferences. Therefore, these factors should be a top priority when deciding how to implement the programme.

As the technology infrastructure continue to grow, there is no doubt that enhanced versions of these applications will become available in future. There are new “disruptors” coming into this market which could significantly impact how fleet management businesses operate in the future. The shift to “pay-per-use” for car usage is already emerging and may start to impact the longer-term lease model, again providing customers with increased choice and flexibility depending on their specific needs. However, with programmes such as this still in their infancy, businesses should make sure to offer simple yet effective solutions first, before looking to branch out into more complex offerings.

It is becoming clear that in the modern world the driver’s all-round experience is key. With the implementation of a fleet management programme, and a clear strategy as to exactly what this will entail, businesses can streamline employee processes and drive productivity, all while embracing effective innovation leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Peter Marsden is principal consultant at business change consultancy Entec Si.

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