DriveNow launches 2 week rentals in London

DriveNow, part of SHARE NOW, has announced today that it has expanded its Long Term Car Sharing to London after successful trials in Milan, Hamburg and Seattle.

Customers can now rent any of DriveNow’s fleet of Minis and BMW for up to two weeks, offering consumers a fully flexible range of rental options from nipping across town, billed by the minute, to supporting a family vacation.


DriveNow has uncovered through supporting research that 72% of London adults report that they don’t own a car, which is leaving them vulnerable to ongoing public transport strikes in the capital this festive season.

Stephen Bee, Director at SHARE NOW UK commented “Public transport strikes will have a noticeable negative effect for millions of Londoners this Christmas. Luckily there have never been more ways to get around the capital despite the planned strikes, from shared cars to shared bikes and ride sharing services. DriveNow UK has made our cars available for rental for up to 14 days for the first time which may well support those impacted by industrial action on the railways, as well as Londoners who are looking for an easy way to have use of a car over the holidays.”

Olivier Reppert, CEO, SHARE NOW also commented “Customer feedback has sent us a clear message. After the successful pilot phase, we are making it possible for our vehicles to be hired for longer periods at other locations as well, completely tailored to individual requirements and customer wishes. This allows us to offer even greater flexibility for our customers – conveniently and right at their doorstep: whether a one-day rental of a MINI for a business meeting in the city or the rental of a BMW model for a two-week family vacation – we have the right offer for every intended use.

You can find more information on the DriveNow website here.

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