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Activa Contracts renew Fleet Manager of the Week prize sponsorship

Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 09:03
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Activa Contracts, the vehicle leasing and fleet management specialist, has renewed its sponsorship of Lightfoot’s pioneering Fleet Manager of the Week initiative, which rewards fleet managers achieving high levels of efficiency and safety in their fleets.

The Fleet Manager of the Week initiative awards a prize to a randomly-selected manager each week of the year, whose fleet has achieved an average Lightfoot score of 85% or above, thus meeting Lightfoot’s Elite Driver standard. At this level, fleets are proven to deliver the greatest savings in fuel, and the biggest reductions in emissions, and accident rates.

Commenting on the decision to extend its Fleet Manager of the Week sponsorship through to the end of 2019, Lisa Temperton, Activa Contracts’ Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to renew our sponsorship of Lightfoot’s Fleet Manager of the Week initiative for a second year.

“We applaud the concept of providing incentives for managers to encourage smoother, safer driving, across the fleet vehicles they manage. Promoting safer, cleaner fleets is essential for everybody – from businesses like ourselves that lease company cars and vans, to our fleet customers and their drivers.

“Smooth driving not only reduces crashes, but also produces less pollution and that benefits the environment at large.  The Fleet Manager of the Week initiative is a perfect way for Activa Contracts to play its part in encouraging improved driving from the top down. “

Activa Contracts is one of the largest industry partners of Lightfoot, which has been rewarding better drivers in the fleet industry since launch. Now, with more than 150 fleet clients including Virgin Media, Dyno Rod, and Greencore, Lightfoot’s driver rewards system is making a substantial impact for fleet operators looking to reduce fleet costs, carbon emissions, and crashes on the road. Customers report typical savings of 10-20% on fuel and emissions, with incident reductions of as much as 40% verified by Allianz. After several years of exponential growth in the fleet sector, Lightfoot’s technology was also launched to consumers in September 2018 online and through retailer Halfords.

Lightfoot technology is part of Activa Contracts’ suite of vehicle and driver risk management solutions available to its customers. Ms Temperton added: “Lightfoot is seen as a key tool by Activa Contracts to not only help fleet managers meet occupational road risk management obligations, but to cut overall operating costs.”

Martin Kadhim, Director at Lightfoot, commented on the partnership: “Activa Contracts understands our mission and to have such an important industry name on the same page as us sends an inspiring and powerful message for the future of driver technology. Its continued support of our Fleet Manager of the Week prize means we can keep rewarding everybody involved in greener, smoother driving and maintain Lightfoot as the natural choice for organisations that care about their people and the wider of impact of their fleets.”

To find out more visit www.lightfoot.co.uk/fleets.

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