IVECO BUS extends its CROSSWAY further with a hybrid version

IVECO BUS is further expanding its range of efficient solutions for transport operators to reduce their carbon footprint with a new hybrid version of its CROSSWAY intercity bus, compatible with XTL (X-To-Liquid) renewable fuels and equipped with a Euro VI Step E compliant CURSOR 9 engine.

Available in 3 lengths: 10.8, 12, 13 meters, POP and LINE versions, the CROSSWAY Hybrid benefits from the qualities that are the hallmark of the range and account for its success, as testified by the more than 65,000 units produced: passenger capacity and luggage volumes, together with an optimized total cost of ownership, to the greatest satisfaction of transport operators.

Giorgio Zino, Head of IVECO BUS Europe Commercial Operations said: “The introduction of our hybrid technology to our CROSSWAY normal floor will enable transport operators to benefit from a significant reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions compared to internal combustion models. It is a concrete alternative available to customers. With this addition, we further strengthen our brand’s ability to provide the widest sustainable offering on the market, confirming our strategy to drive the energy transition with a mix of technologies and consolidating our leadership as one of the key players in sustainable mobility in Europe.”

A simple and effective solution

The hybrid technology offered by IVECO BUS is available with the Voith DIWA NXT gearbox combined with a powerful 35 kW peak electrical recovery motor. The motor acts as a starter and generator to recover the kinetic energy accumulated during the deceleration and braking phases with a high-energy LTO battery (48 V) mounted on the roof. The electric motor supports the Cursor 9 engine during the starting phases.

With these features, the new CROSSWAY Hybrid delivers significant fuel savings compared to the non-hybrid version.  In addition, when combining renewable fuels, this new hybrid solution further reduces the COemissions.

The CROSSWAY Hybrid features a new front-end design that incorporates the new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in compliance with the upcoming GSR (General Safety Regulation), which is scheduled to come into force in July 2024.

A wide choice of models

With the addition of the new CROSSWAY Hybrid to its family of products for coach lines, IVECO BUS now offers a wide multi-energy choice between:

  • CROSSWAY POP & LINE, 10.8, 12, and 13, XTL compatible, equipped with a
    TECTOR 7 or Cursor 9 engine, Euro VI Step E compliant.
  • CROSSWAY CNG POP & LINE, 12 and 13 meters, biomethane compatible, equipped with a
    Euro VI Step E compliant CNG CURSOR 9 engine.
  • CROSSWAY CNG hybrid POP & LINE, 12 and 13 meters, biomethane compatible, equipped with a Euro VI Step E compliant CNG CURSOR 9 engine.
  • CROSSWAY B100 POP & LINE, 10.8, 12 and 13 meters, equipped with a Euro VI Step E compliant TECTOR 7 engine.

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