Leader in GPS tracking device theft calls on DVLA support

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 11:30
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SAVINGS: ‘vehicle reg’ to hold tracker details?

Leading vehicle security specialist, Cobra, has witnessed a rise in stolen vehicle tracking systems being unnecessarily fitted  where a device is already present and has requested the help of the DVLA.

It is hoped that the DVLA will launch online access to the V5C vehicle registration certificate by March 2015 and Cobra is suggesting the inclusion of tracking device details on the document at this time.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director at Cobra Vehicle Security, said: “If the DVLA registers a stolen vehicle tracking system against a car’s V5C, both the dealer and the new owner would be able to check online prior to purchase to determine if a stolen vehicle tracking device is fitted, giving peace of mind and saving money.”

“By including this information in an online vehicle registration document, the government is also potentially even increasing saleability and residual values when a car is sold because the new owner knows that they do not have to spend money on having a system fitted.”

With drivers of all types of higher value cars, encouraged by insurance companies to have stolen vehicle tracking products fitted to mitigate against risk , Cobra is suggesting cost benefits for both the insurance industry, and motorists through reduced premiums.

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