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Silvey launches fuel card and management system for van fleets

Monday, August 6, 2018 - 10:20
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If you run a commercial fleet of vans then they need to be fuelled. Right?

But how do you manage that process? More to the point, what sort of information is provided to you so you can understand what your van drivers are up to?

 Exactly. So that’s the point behind Silvey Fleet, which has been designed as a complete fuel buying and management system.

Silvey Fleet offers van fleet managers, and owner/operators a comprehensive solution to purchasing fuel throughout the UK.

It does this by linking fuel spend with its Miles Monitor system, which captures mileage. Fleet managers will have a comprehensive view of the fleets’ performance including MPG reports, personal versus business mileage (should that be relevant), along with an array of useful data.

Reduce your admin with Visa to Drive

Typical of the features found on the Miles Monitor system is Visa to Drive. This helps eliminate all the driver licence checks and MoT chasing that you have to do at the moment.

It’s particularly useful if you use ‘grey fleet’ drivers – subbies who use their own vans.

The Visa to Drive services collects, checks and validates essential documentation by keeping a log on each driver. It can check each driver’s licence and their insurance policy details. It can also record when an MOT certificate check is needed, and a vehicle’s service history including tyre pressure and oil checks, to help you conform to any vehicle safety inspection and checks necessary.

It works the same for vans you own – it means you can deliver comprehensive duty of care checks that are fully validated. And will stand up to scrutiny under any official inspection.

Silvey Fleet benefits small and large businesses

Commenting on the launch of Silvey Fleet, Silvey’s sales and marketing director, Miriam James said:

“Through the launch of Silvey Fleet we can help businesses of all sizes, large or small, make significant savings on the running costs of their van fleet.

Silvey Fleet works with the major fuel card providers to offer drivers nationwide access to competitively priced petrol and diesel. By connecting fuel spend with Miles Monitor companies can keep track of mileage and comply with HMRC guidelines. “We combine the buying power of major fuel card providers with an incredible array of reporting and management features.”

“We wanted to be able to offer the companies that we work with, irrespective of the size of their fleet, the opportunity to continue to buy discounted fuel, as well as providing them with additional tools that could help them make significant cost savings running their fleet of vehicles,” added Miriam.

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