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Mileage capture service offered to BP Fuel Card customers

By Kyle Lindsay
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 11:43

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Mileage isn’t an issue

New service from MileageCount benefits BP customers

BP has launched a new mileage capture service which is available to all customers supplied directly by BP Fuel Cards.

The offering is part of BP’s plans to advance its fuel card offer, enabling customers to capture, manage and report on private and business mileage.

The new online solution uses innovative GPS technology including GPS dongle and smartphone applications to track every journey, with start and finish points accurate to within a few metres due to elimination of satellite latency – setting it apart from many other products in the marketplace.

Drivers simply need to plug the GPS dongle into their car or van’s cigarette lighter or USB socket, then at the end of a journey, or after any chosen period, the GPS dongle is removed and plugged into the USB port of a PC, laptop or network terminal. A journey list is automatically generated giving detailed information into each journey captured. The simple, menu-driven interface then enables the driver to go through the journey list, identifying each as a business or personal trip.

The system learns frequent journeys which significantly reduces the time it takes to make submissions. Additional information and details can be added by the driver to any journey, if required. Using the smartphone app to record and identify journeys is equally simple. Once all the details have been downloaded, Fleet Managers can easily verify or query any journey.

Jez Strong, MileageCount product manager, said, “We demonstrated to BP that MileageCount is not merely powerful, accurate and highly cost-effective, but extremely straightforward for both drivers and managers to use.”

In addition to time and cost saving benefits, the solution also supports HMRC requirements for regular reporting of complete information on business and personal mileage, reducing the risk of penalties that can be levied for inaccurate submission. BP’s mileage capture solution also removes the issues associated with over and under reimbursement of business fuel costs and can greatly reduce the administration time for submitting and processing claims.

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