Ford launch EV app to compliment Focus Electric

Monday, March 2, 2015 - 16:54
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To go hand in hand with the Focus Electric

MyFord Mobile enables drivers to remotely manage charging electric vehicles

Ford announced the launch of MyFord Mobile at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Drivers will be able to use the app and associated website to remotely manage the status of their car, check the range, and plan journeys to include charging.

Taking inspiration from gaming and personal fitness apps, one of the first vehicles to offer MyFord Mobile in Europe will be the zero emission new Focus Electric that will now feature SYNC 2 voice-activated connectivity.

As well as informing drivers when they have made CO2 savings equivalent to that required to fill an exercise ball or a hot-air balloon, badges, pop-ups, and alerts also let drivers know when they have reached certain zero-emission distance benchmarks, such as covering a distance equivalent to one round-the-world trip.

Personalised feedback advises how range might be improved, for example, by optimising regenerative braking.

Drivers also can track driving habits over time, and monitor how changes in behaviour affect energy consumption.

The Go Times feature enables drivers to prepare the car so that it is charged and ready to go with a pre-set cabin temperature, at a specific time and date. Plugged in, it will use energy from the grid, rather than the battery to heat or cool the car.

The new Focus Electric is released later this year and comes equipped with an advanced electric motor and lithium-ion battery powertrain that produces 145 PS and achieves a top speed of 137 km/h. The 6.6 kW fully integrated onboard charger can deliver 100 km driving range with 2-3 hours charging, and around 150 km driving range with 3-4 hours charging from a 32 A charging station.

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