Simplytrak Saves Christmas

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 09:44
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East Yorkshire based vehicle tracking company Simplytrak has been praised for the safe recovery of a stolen vehicle carrying dozens of packages from the online retailer Amazon.

Simplytrak’s software provides fleet managers with complete visibility of their vehicles and access to reporting and analysis tools, which give greater understanding to the efficiency and productivity of drivers.

Thanks to some additional functionality of the tracking devices, Simplytrak were able to locate and safely immobilise a vehicle that had been stolen from a fleet that was hired from Practical Car and Van Rental in Sheffield.

An independent courier hired a number of vans from Practical to deliver packages on behalf of Amazon but when they were unable to contact one of their drivers, they got in touch with the hire company who then spoke to Simplytrak’s business development manager, Ian Wood.

Mr Wood explained: “We work with a number of different companies, including many of the Practical franchises, up and down the country to track and monitor their fleet.

“Vehicle immobilisation is a common feature with our installations but is only used when absolutely necessary. In occasions such as this, when a fleet owner has concerns about the location or behaviour of a particular driver, the safe immobilisation is crucial to the swift recovery of vehicles.”

Practical franchisee, Adam Mohammed added: “Because of the quick actions of everyone involved, we were able to instantly locate one of our vans, apprehend the driver responsible and also recover dozens of Christmas presents that were due to be delivered to people in the area.”

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