New grey fleet system launched

E-Training World’s managing director, Graham Hurdle

E-Training World has launched a new online grey fleet management system as an integrated feature of its existing driver profiling and e-driver training systems.

The new system simplifies the management of grey fleet drivers by automating the process of confirming they are legal and compliant to use their own vehicle for business use.

Drivers are asked to add their vehicle into the system before signing an e-declaration. They are then taken through a series of steps to upload documents, such as insurance covering business use, add document renewal dates and answer a range of compliance and safety questions tailored to each customer.

The system then periodically emails the drivers asking them to renew their safety and compliance questions, as well as sending them reminders ahead of renewal dates to update their documentation, copying in the fleet manager for the final reminder. If a renewal date is missed, the system emails the driver, again copying in the fleet manager, to advise them that they are no longer entitled to drive that vehicle for business travel.

“We’re delighted to be launching this new online system, which has been fully developed in-house to integrate seamlessly with our driver profiling and e-driver training systems,” said E-Training World’s managing director, Graham Hurdle.

“The idea behind it is that companies struggling with grey fleet management can relax and pass that onerous task onto our system, which will manage it for them with automated processes.

“We are also offering a separate document validation service to physically check each document to ensure the uploaded document matches both the driver and vehicle, plus to see if the insurance covers business use.

“As well as managing grey fleet drivers, the system also allows drivers of company-provided vehicles to add their details too.

“In this instance, we can tailor the system differently. Rather than asking company vehicle drivers to upload documentation, which isn’t necessary, instead it can ask them to answer different compliance and safety questions covering vehicle safety checks and whether, for example, they have read the driver handbook or company car policy.

“As with all of our systems, the beauty of it is how configurable it is to meet each company’s unique needs and processes.”

E-Training World is one of the UK’s leading online driver risk assessment and e-driver training specialists, working directly with fleets large and small as well as providing white labelled systems to many of the best-known companies in the fleet sector. These include insurance providers, fleet management specialists, contract hire and rental companies, and other driver training businesses.

“This a significant advancement in our proposition,’ said Graham, “and comes in a year when we are already seeing unprecedented growth as the demand for online risk management solutions continues to grow.”

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