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Retailers are taking drivers for a ride

Dec 06, 2021Comments off

Drivers endured yet more pump price rises last month with retailers adding on average another 3.1p to a litre of unleaded and 2.7p to diesel,

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E10 performance issues likely to get worse ...

Nov 09, 2021Comments off

E10 is being rolled out as the new standard petrol grade in the UK, replacing the E5 grade. Although the new grade of fuel is

E10 petrol

One-in-four drivers still in the dark about...

Sep 03, 2021Comments off

More than a quarter of drivers (27%) are yet to check whether their car is compatible with new E10 petrol that arrives at forecourts this


E10 petrol set for September 2021 launch

Feb 26, 2021Comments off

Motorists across the UK are set to shift to a greener fuel with the introduction of E10 at petrol stations in September 2021. Following a consultation with drivers