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Where are we now with the HGV driver shorta...

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In January 2022, the HGV industry was around 100,000 drivers short of capacity. Now that number stands at closer to 60,000 according to Logistics UK.

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How should the fleet industry cope with ano...

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2022 was a particularly challenging year for supply chains. The impact of Brexit and the pandemic were still being felt, alongside new challenges in the

Haulier launches legal action against ̵...

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Haulier Danny W Poole & Sons has launched legal action against the government’s ‘idiotic’ and ‘not fit for purpose’ immigration rules, after being advised by

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Is a salary spike saving the UK haulage ind...

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Since Brexit, it’s no secret that the UK haulage industry has faced some less-than-ideal circumstances. From the loss of European workers to long delays exacerbated

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Why the UK is struggling with driver shorta...

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The UK economy is a bit of a mess. Rising food prices have pushed inflation to a 40-year high. The economy is struggling with soaring

NWH launches new HGV driving school

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Recycling and waste management company, The NWH Group, has launched a new driving school to help tackle the on-going HGV driver shortage. Through its new

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Solving the driver shortage with flexible f...

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As the country’s main line of supply, HGV traffic forms the moving backbone of the UK economy and its ability to trade with European partners.

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Combating driver shortage in the UK

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The HGV and truck driver shortage in the UK continues to be a top priority for many fleets and fleet managers. As the number of

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Drivers are turning to smart tech to make l...

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Over the past few months, the UK government and the haulage industry have stepped up efforts to improve the ongoing driver shortage. From investments in

Logistics UK’s annual report warns of con...

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Disruption to global supply chains looks set to continue in 2022, requiring a radical move away from a reliance on just-in-time to the use of