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Britain Leads With Self-Driving Cars; But B...

May 23, 2016Comments off

Half of motorists oppose driverless cars as Britain takes pole position in the development of self-driving vehicles, according to a new survey.

Renault Invites Central Saint Matins, UAL T...

May 16, 2016Comments off

Renault has collaborated with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London to offer the renowned college’s MA Industrial Design students the exclusive opportunity to

Two Thirds Of Brits Uncomfortable With Driv...

May 10, 2016Comments off

We’re getting closer and closer to seeing driverless cars hit the British roads. While this has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel, we

Renault Supports Amsterdam Declaration In F...

Apr 14, 2016Comments off

Renault today participated in a unique opportunity to showcase emerging autonomous drive technologies to a select group of European policy makers. The European Union’s 28

Toyota Moves Further Down The Road With Aut...

Apr 11, 2016Comments off

Toyota is to open a third Toyota Research Institute facility in the USA, which will fund studies into artificial intelligence, materials science and robotics. It

No Lights? No Problem! Ford Fusion Autonomo...

Apr 11, 2016Comments off

Recently, under the cover of night, a Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicle with no headlights on navigated along desert roads, performing a task that

Volvo Cars Plans To Launch China’s Mo...

Apr 07, 2016Comments off

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, plans to launch China’s most advanced autonomous driving experiment in which local drivers will test autonomous driving cars on

Parallel Parking a Bone of Contention?

Mar 22, 2016Comments off

It seems you really can teach an old dog new tricks, as this week Vauxhall Motors put its all-new Vauxhall Corsa in the hands of

Autonomous vehicles set to change ownership...

Apr 01, 2015Comments off

Technology could lead to leasing revolution

Connected cars to deliver huge UK jobs boos...

Mar 26, 2015Comments off

Connected and autonomous cars will create more than 300,000 jobs by 2030