Zenith launch online CV build tracking tool

Monday, October 28, 2013 - 14:00
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NEW: Zenith launch CV build tracking tool

Zenith are aiming to ensure the commercial vehicle build cycle is as efficient and cost-effective as possible by launching a new online build management tool.

The new tool forms part of Pulse, Zenith’s online fleet management platform, and works by tracking all stages of a commercial vehicle’s build management programme.

As the vehicle moves through the programme, the status is updated in real-time, with any delays highlighted immediately meaning the effects can be mitigated.

Other benefits include enabling equipment to be to be tracked to help identify their refit potential, on de-fleet or following accident damage or vehicle write off.

The vehicle end of contract process is also monitored, including conversions, to ensure that vehicles are ready for re-allocation or re-sale on schedule.

Ian Hughes, Commercial Director at Zenith, said: “We identified an opportunity to use our fleet software to improve the efficiencies of the build management process for our commercial vehicles.

“This tool has enabled us to work more closely together with our customers to improve supply chain management and ensure that the vehicles are ready to the right specification on time and without incurring unnecessary costs or delays.”


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