World’s ‘most advanced vehicle cam ever’ revealed

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 14:57
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ADVANCED: New SmartWitness KP1

SmartWitness have unveiled their new journey recorder, claiming it is the most advanced and powerful ever to hit the market.

The new KP1, costing from £199.99, provides instant notification with videos less than 60seconds after a collision and allows insurance claims to be filed in record-quick time.

It features two cameras, the latest 10Hz GPS/GLONASS module, Speed Pulse input, daily driver reports and third-generation Bosch G Sensor.

SmartWitness claim that clients’ average 20% insurance premium savings will be increased further by the new technology, which has been developed after three years and £500,000 of research.

They insist the KP1 now holds the title of the world’s most powerful 3G/4G instant video transmission vehicle camera with in-built tracking and telematics data.

“The KP1 is unlike anything on the market today…it really is a game-changer.”

Simon Marsh, SmartWitness

Simon Marsh, Managing Director of SmartWitness, said: “The KP1 is unlike anything on the market today.

“It delivers crystal clear footage of any incidents within seconds via email in the most cost-effective way.

“It really is a game-changer and will make our roads safer and help companies to meet their corporate responsibilities.

“KP1 will provide clients with court compliant evidence from one or two cameras as soon as an incident occurs.

“And with the second camera, KP1 is future proof if the UK follows suit with the distracted driving laws which are being introduced in some states in the US.

“Our fleet clients have been saving up to £60,000 a year by installing SmartWitness cameras in all their vehicles.

“Annual insurance premiums are reduced by 20% in the years following installation, with incident records typically falling by as much as 50%.

“If anything, clients’ insurance savings are likely to increase further over the long-term as insurers see the benefit of the cameras and how they achieve significant and permanent improvements in incident records and driver behaviour.

“Employers are notified immediately if their drivers are travelling too fast and unsafely and can take immediate acts to remedy problems.”

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