Vmoves win Autorola inspection and collection contract

Monday, February 17, 2014 - 14:30
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DEAL: Autorola hail Vmoves

Vmoves are managing inspection and collection for remarketers Autorola under a new contract.

Within two months of the deal beginning, Autorola have consistently achieved deliveries within three days of notification, with 150 Vmoves inspectors using PDA handheld technology to record vehicle condition.

Neil Frost, Head of Operations at Autorola, said: “Realistically a buyer can now purchase a vehicle through the online Autorola platform and within less than a week, take delivery of it and then sell it to a customer, which helps profitability and cashflow.”

One of Autorola’s tender stipulations for the contract was that they wanted to take their delivery service to the next level both from a speed and customer service perspective.

Each Vmoves inspector is presented with shirt and tie and equipped with a smartphone which generates an automated condition record complete with photos for each vehicle collection and delivery.

This information is then transferred via 3G technology to Autorola.

Sandra Ogden, Managing Director of Vmoves, added: “We have developed a bespoke vehicle collection and delivery standard based on the BVRLA industry standards.

“Our team of inspectors are then trained to manage this bespoke standard via their smartphones.

“The size and national spread of our inspector network, plus the bullet proof set of processes set up with Autorola has helped speed up  the inspection and collection of vehicles for Autorola’s online buyers.”

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