Vertivia upgrade company driver support and back-up

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 13:00
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MILES: Vertivia upgrade fleet support

Mileage capture specialist Vertivia are upgrading the support and back-up they provide to company car drivers to help identify recurring fleet trends and issues.

The changes come following the launch of version 3.0 of their mileage management system, which offered a series of enhancements and additional functionality.

Modifications included greater reporting facilities, enhanced duty of care capabilities and extra vehicle features for drivers.

The company are now set to go live with an enhanced driver support and help desk, aimed at providing company car drivers with continual support, help and advice.

Calls to a dedicated help desk number and emails will generate tickets which are passed to the most suitable and experienced account handlers for the particular query or enquiry.

Fleet clients will have their own dedicated email address rather than the more commonplace ‘support@’ to help Vertivia identify certain client emails at key times of the month.

Meanwhile, responses based around FAQs also allow requests to be dealt with in as speedy a fashion as possible.

The system also produces reports by fleet clients to show the most common type of query or issue that has been dealt.

It then identifies any trends that may be developing across their fleets or with their drivers.

Common or frequently occurring issues can be identified and resolved more effectively and efficiently, as well as being communicated to both fleet clients and their drivers.

Paul Chater, Sales Director of Vertivia, said: “The latest upgrades to our driver support function are part of a number of planned enhancements under the version 3.0 development and will reinforce the support and back-up we provide to company car drivers.

“They will also allow the identification of any common issues or fleet trends – potentially vital information that can then be relayed to other fleet decision-makers.

“The system has been developed internally as an enhancement to 3.0 and offers extreme flexibility and the ability for further upgrades at any time.

“We are confident that the latest enhancements we have made to our driver help and support function will be of major benefit, not just to company car drivers but to fleet operators in a wider sense, as they will help identify recurring issues of concern that might have been missed otherwise.”

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