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Van speed awareness campaign launched by FleetCheck

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 09:22
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An awareness campaign focusing on van speed limits for drivers of daily rental vehicles is being launched by fleet software specialist FleetCheck.

It has been created in response to a number of cases the company has seen among its clients where drivers have picked up points on their driving licences because they did not know that different limits applied to cars and sub-3.5 tonne vans on some roads.

The first step in the campaign is a sticker that is designed to be placed on the dashboards of hire vans by short term rental companies, clearly showing van speed limits. These are available free from FleetCheck simply by e-mailing [email protected]

Speed limits for sub-3.5 tonne vans are 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways, making them 10 mph less than a car. However, the 30mph limit in built-up areas and 70mph limit on motorways is the same for both types of vehicle.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: “Drivers who only occasionally use hire vans – both for company and private use – are ending up with points on their licence simply because no-one has told them that they need to drive more slowly on some roads.

“The obvious solution is to make this information consistently available to them when they hire the vehicle and the dashboard sticker is a simple and effective way of doing this.

“Any hire companies who would like a supply to use on their vehicles should get in touch.”

Peter said that FleetCheck planned to follow the sticker with e-mail drops, blogs and other material over the course of the summer.

“We see education campaigns such as this as part of our responsibility as a well-known part of the fleet sector. Where we encounter awareness issues like van speed limits, we will always try and provide solutions not just to our customers but across the industry.”

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