Tusker Rolls Out Rolec’s EV Charge Network

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 11:50
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Tusker, one of the UK’s leading car benefit companies, recently installed a substantial number of Rolec’s AutoCharge electric vehicle charging pedestals at its Watford HQ. 

Each of the AutoCharge pedestals were equipped with Rolec’s EV Charge Online pay-to-charge system, allowing EV drivers to use their mobile phone to pay to charge using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.

These new charging points are the latest additions to Rolec’s UK-wide EV Charge Online network, and expand upon the hundreds of online charging points already operating on the network.

Rolec Managing Director Kieron Alsop commented: “We are delighted that Tusker has chosen to join the EV Charge Online network.

“This unique charging network, now becoming affectionately known as ‘The People’s Network’, is we believe the UK’s only true EV charging network enabling an EV driver to simply pull up to the charging point, log on using their mobile phone and immediately pay online to charge.”

Alsop continued: “What really sets EV Charge Online apart from traditional charging networks is that the EV driver does not have to pay any subscription, membership or connection fees – they simply pay the tariff advertised on the charging point.

“We developed the EV Charge Online network along the same principles as petrol stations; you don’t pay BP or Shell a subscription, membership or connection fees – so why should you pay EV charge point network operators the same fees?

“Where EV Charge Online also differs from traditional charge point operators is that it does not incur any host license fees or connection fees. So all round, both the EV driver and the charge point operator benefit.”

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