Tracker make fleet fuel management easy with money-saving Fuel Card Integration

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 13:49
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COSTLY: Tracker fighting high fuel prices

Tracker are making fuel cost management infinitely easier for fleets by launching Fuel Card Integration into its award-winning telematics solution, Tracker Fleet.

The new solution offers businesses scrupulous insight into, and control of, their fuel usage and costs, helping them make savings and detect fraudulent activity.

Compatible with all fuel card providers, the feature allows customers to upload their fuel card data and integrate information within existing areas of Tracker Fleet.

Its ability to match where transactions take place, against miles driven, also enables fleet managers to monitor fraudulent use and ensure the fuel card is filling the right vehicle.

Stephen Doran, Managing Director for Tracker, said: “We have launched Fuel Card Integration with Tracker Fleet in direct response to customer feedback, as we continue to enhance our fleet telematics offering.

“The biggest issue it overcomes for fleet managers is ensuring the fuel used is correct per journey because it measures against the GPS mileage recording, which provides the most accurate reporting on costs.

“Just relying on manufacturer MPG recordings against an odometer reading, is never going to give the most precise reading.

“And with fraud costing businesses dearly if it goes undetected, its ability to identify inappropriate use will be vital in driving down costs.”

Tracker also warned the Chancellor more needs to be done to help firms struggling to balance the cost of fuel.

“At a time when fuel costs are right at the top of the fleet manager’s agenda, our Fuel Card Integration feature brings our customers another level of control over their fleet costs,” added Mr Doran.

“For 20 years, Tracker has been listening and responding to the needs of its customers; by harnessing the latest technology we are bringing them market leading telematics solutions.”

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