Thomas Becher

Monday, July 11, 2016 - 16:58
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Thomas graduated in electrical engineering and cybernetics from the Technical University of Leipzig.

He founded software company INCO Systeme GmbH in 1994 and went on to co-found datafactory AG with Thomas Schmidt in 1998, where he was Chief Sales Officer. Thomas helped to make datafactory AG one of Europe’s the most successful telematics companies, leading to its acquisition in 2005 by TomTom.

Following the acquisition, he was appointed Commercial Director at the business division of TomTom and in 2010 became Vice President Marketing at Cobra Telematics SA. In 2012, he took up his current role as Vice President of Business Development at TomTom Telematics.  Here he has spearheaded the company’s successful collaboration with the car insurance sector, supplying the depth of data required to shape the future of motor insurance and risk management.


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