Tesco select Microlise as transport software partner

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 15:30
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PARTNER: Tesco and Microlise team up again

Tesco have ordered more than 2,000 in-cab tractor unit systems from Microlise.

The orders, which will be rolled out across their UK distribution fleet, follows the deployment of Microlise trailer tracking units to more than 4,500 trailers in 2013.

Microlise’s system incorporates the latest in-cab touch screen technology for journey management, two way messaging, hands free voice, site notes, and guided navigation.

A Microlise Dual Canbus ML30-CT tracking unit provides tracking data, automated driver login via digital tachograph together with live driver mode information.

Chris Wallace, Sales Director at Microlise, said: “Our relationship with Tesco goes back over seven years when we did our initial implementation with Tesco.com to what will now be a global solution encompassing in excess of 10,000 vehicles and assets across the world.

“During every phase we have striven to deliver value, operational benefits and innovation through a highly focused and dedicated product development and delivery team.

“This order is a testament to the people at both Tesco and Microlise who have worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome.”

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