Subaru EyeSight Convinces ADAC Of Capabilities

Monday, October 31, 2016 - 15:18
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Pedestrians are particularly at risk on the road; a collision with a car often has severe, life-altering consequences for this group. Modern emergency brake systems with pedestrian recognition can prevent or reduce the severity of these accidents. ADAC, the German Automobile Club rated the Subaru EyeSight assistance system highly; and capable of providing reliable protection day and night.

The automobile club closely examined the emergency brake assistance systems of six models and brands, including four premium manufacturers. The Subaru Outback convinced with its camera-based EyeSight system across the board. EyeSight came out on top and was the only system tested to achieve full points in all three categories tested – Pedestrian, cyclist and night driving.

While systems from other manufacturers use various sensor technologies such as camera and radar or microwaves, EyeSight functions purely optically.  The Subaru technicians have placed two camera lenses to the left and right of the rear-view mirror that together create a stereoscopic image.

The stereo-cameras installed on the windscreen reliably captures pedestrians in dark clothing in un-lit areas, as commonly found throughout rural areas of the UK, and when needed initiates emergency braking. Up to a speed of 28mph accidents can be completely avoided and the severity significantly reduced at higher speeds.

In addition to the ADAC further independent test centres such as the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) confirm the excellent functioning method and reliability of this system. The only brand to achieve maximum points in the IIHS test was the Subaru Outback in the prevention of a frontal collision. The technology also has a positive effect on running costs and insurance ratings.

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