South Gloucestershire Council select Civica Tranman to manage 400-strong fleet

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 10:06
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CONTRACT: Tranman to manage 400-strong fleet

Tranman will help transform the way South Gloucestershire Council functions after being chosen to manage the authority’s 400-strong vehicle fleet.

The agreement will see South Gloucestershire Council use Civica’s fleet management solution to improve efficiencies, reduce administration and reduce costs.

Implementation of touchscreen technology will improve workshop productivity, while barcode readers in the stores department are designed to improve efficiency and accuracy of stock control.

Self-service web applications for vehicle enquiries, defect entry, vehicles in the workshop and maintenance history will allow drivers and council departments to access fleet information online.

This means they will not have to contact the fleet department and can perform such tasks at their own convenience.

Further efficiencies will be achieved by integrating Civica Tranman with South Gloucestershire’s existing strategic systems, including fuel management and finance.

Integration with Civica Financials will reduce administration labour, prevent double entry of data and provide increased visibility of key financial data to both the finance and fleet departments.

Martin Harris, Transport & Procurement Manager at South Gloucestershire Council, said: “By providing self-service access to specific fleet information, staff can view, enter or update the information they need at any time, reducing information requests to the fleet department and allowing them to focus on management tasks.”

Image courtesy of XiXiDu, with thanks.

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