Smooth Sailing For Isuzu D-Max With New Pedders Suspension

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 14:36
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isuzu pedders suspension

Drivers of any pick-up truck have often been forced to choose between ride comfort and load carrying capacity, as one usually compromises the other. This is no longer the case for drivers of any double-cab Isuzu D-Max. The new Pedders D-Max TrakRyder Lift Kit takes the strain out of the suspension set-up, promising an enhanced ride quality whether the D-Max is fully laden or empty and regardless of the type of road surface.

Taking any double-cab D-Max to the next level of comfort, ride quality and stability – applicable to the Blade, Eiger, Fury, Utah and Yukon in the premium D-Max range and double-cab pick-up in the utility range – the suspension kit gives the best of both worlds as it equips the D-Max as both a workhorse and a family utility vehicle. The Pedders D-Max TrakRyder Lift Kit does this by introducing a variable leaf spring design that gives spring and shock absorber rates capable of handling increased ground clearance, increased suspension travel whilst enhancing vehicle stability.


The D-Max TrakRyder Lift Kit increases the ride height by +35mm to +40mm, enabling the vehicle to cover rough ground as well as increasing the approach and departure angles of the pick-up when traversing extreme angles on undulating off-road terrain. With the kit intended for use on- and off-road – including general commuting – the suspension upgrade also makes towing more comfortable, when drivers are exploiting the D-Max’s class-leading 3.5-tonne towing capacity.

No modifications to the Isuzu D-Max are required in order to fit the suspension kit, which includes a pair of Pedders Trak Ryder Rear Foam Cell Shocks, Pedders Trak Ryder Lift Kit Rear Leaf Springs, Ezi Fit Front Foam Cell Shocks & Springs, Rear Anti Roll Bar Kit, Rear Spring Leading and Trailing Polyurethane Bush Kits and U-bolts for Rear Springs. With innovation incorporated into the whole suspension kit’s design and construction, the set-up is easy to fit, minimising the labour time needed for installation.

The Pedders D-Max TrakRyder Lift Kit is available supplied and fitted at your local Isuzu dealer for £1,357.15 (excluding VAT).

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