SMMT Transport News Brief

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 13:20
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SMMT will be hosting the ninth International Automotive Summit in London, with the event focussing on the big issues of the day: Brexit, sustainability, reshoring the supply chain and the future of retail.

The Summit will see the launch of SMMT’s 2017 Sustainability Report, with the event featuring a panel on sustainability, assessing the current initiatives in the production process and how manufacturers can continue to deliver growth while reducing their environmental impact.

As our industry navigates the path towards Brexit, we will also have a panel of experts discussing the likely implications of Brexit and the progress of negotiations. Leaving the European Union also has profound implications for the domestic supply chain. The Summit will bring together a panel of key industry figures to evaluate how to promote the right conditions for reshoring, as well as exploring issues around the country-of-origin of components and vehicles.

Automotive retail is also evolving, creating new opportunities for brands. Our session, featuring the Vice President of DHL Supply and Chain and Chief Executive of Hyundai Motor UK, will review the current challenges facing the sector and discuss how new channels can help build customer engagement.

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