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Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 09:30
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Though many of TNB’s readers may never have heard of the EU General Safety Regulations Framework, this regulation (in place since 2009 and covering all vehicle categories) is about to be heavily revised, with particular focus on cyclists and pedestrians.

The change proposes the introduction of 19 new measures or technologies to make vehicles safer, including preventing driver distraction and introducing breath alcohol ignition interlock devices or bus fire detection. The timetable for legislation is tight, with finalised legislation expected in 2018; phase one implementation from 2020 and all measures mandatory by 2030.

The development and introduction of these new technologies will require significant investment from our industry, with some, such as pedestrian detection, set to be quite a technical challenge. Operators must be ready for these changes to ensure they can update fleets to feature these vital safety features.

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