SMMT Transport News Brief

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 09:30
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Over the years, commercial vehicle manufacturers have invested heavily in developing and producing the latest low emission vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers and operators, who try to reduce costs by interfering with the emissions system, have undermined this good work.

This can include using devices designed to stop emissions control systems from working, removing the diesel particulate filter, using fake emission reduction devices or diesel exhaust fluid and making illegal engine modifications.

Therefore, it is excellent news that DVSA will shortly start targeting these devices and the operators who use them. If they find a vehicle has been tampered with, the operator will be given 10 days to fix the emissions system. If the system is not fixed within 10 days then a fine will be issued and the vehicle taken off the road.

Not only will this help improve air quality it will contribute to fair competition. SMMT has long argued for these devices to be combatted and will fully support DVSA in implementing it.

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