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SmartWitness showcase all-new KP1 recorder

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 16:43
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EXHIBIT: SmartWitness at CV Show

SmartWitness have officially unveiled their brand-new KP1 vehicle journey recorder at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

The device, which SmartWitness claim is the most powerful and advanced vehicle CCTV system in the world, hits the market after three years of research and development.

A two-camera system, the KP1 provides instant notification of incidents, with video footage emailed to the user’s private or company address less than 60seconds after a collision.

It can be integrated into any telematics unit, provides daily driver reports by SMS or email and is non-server based.

Fleet customers, SmartWitness claim, could save 20% on insurance bills and improve their safety records by up to 50% upon implemention of the KP1.

Simon Marsh, Managing Director of SmartWitness, said the range is a vital weapon in the battle against distracted driving, which Mr Marsh believes accounts for up to 25% of crashes.

Mr Marsh formerly owned a company who operated a fleet of 200 vehicles, losing two of his drivers in fatal road accidents – tragic incidents which have inspired him in his safety drive.

“The KP1 is essentially all about intervention,” he said.

“We want no accidents to happen on our roads, and the KP1 is a cost-effective solution which provides outstanding footage.”

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